A Pacific Northwest Trail Story


A Pacific Northwest Trail Story

Dive Into A Tale Of Endurance, Nature, And

Unforgettable moments

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to hike the Pacific Northwest Trail? All 1,248 miles of it? Imagine crossing seven different mountain ranges - from the Pacific Ocean to the Continental Divide - through rising tides, bushwhacks and even grizzly country. Now imagine doing it in only 28 days.

Nick Fowler did just that and his book will make you feel like you were hiking right along beside him – through the best and the worst of it. If you are considering the hike yourself, this book may give you some insights.

From weather to widow makers and stench to stinging nettles – all in the Pacific Northwest wilderness – Nick uses humor and wit to bring readers along on the trail. Just wait till you find out how he combated the chafing problems.

Itch includes a foreword by Jeff Garmire - "It is not the physical determination that makes the story of setting the record so intriguing, but the continued focus on joy, beauty, and acceptance of the privilege to get to accept such an undertaking."

Chapter 1 Sneak Peek:

Fort Dry Bridge

I’m exhausted, soaking wet, cold, depleted, and emotional. I’m on the brink of crying and just praying for a miracle. Something's got to give, please just give me something. I don’t know where I am. I could be going in the right direction, I could be going in the wrong direction.

Something has got to give.

All of a sudden, less than a half mile after praying those words, I find a bridge. I can get out from under the rain, dry a couple pieces of gear off, and at least figure out where I’m at - If I’m on trail or if I’m headed in the wrong direction. As I’m approaching the bridge I see a flat spot underneath it. It’s going to be freezing soon. I could sleep dry and warm RIGHT there. But I’ve got to figure out where I am first.

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